How big is Fisher Scientific Company?

Fisher Scientific, a subsidiary of Thermo Fisher Scientific, is a well-established company in the field of scientific research and laboratory equipment. With a global presence spanning over 150 countries, Fisher Scientific is a leading provider of scientific products and services to researchers, scientists, and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Being a major player in the industry, Fisher Scientific offers an extensive range of high-quality laboratory equipment, consumables, chemicals, and scientific instruments to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Its expansive product portfolio and strong distribution network demonstrate the company’s significant size and influence in the scientific community.

Fisher Scientific Company: Its Size and Global Presence

A leading global supplier of scientific research, healthcare, and academic solutions is Fisher Scientific Company. The magnitude of its size and influence is quite exceptional.

The Vast Reach of Fisher Scientific Company

The quintessence of a global corporation, Fisher Scientific Company, shines brightly when one considers its reach. This company operates in more than 100 countries worldwide, reflecting its fortitude in different spheres and cultures. Maximizing its geographically diverse end markets helps this powerhouse maintain stability despite the disparate economic climates within these countries.

Breadth of Product Offering

Another marker of Fisher Scientific’s size is its vast product inventory. The company offers over one million products, spanning from research and laboratory equipment to personal protective equipment and other critical supplies. These products serve various industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, government, healthcare, and industrial sectors. Therefore, the breadth of the product line-up complements Fisher Scientific’s global reach, enabling it to serve countless organizations and disciplines.

Workforce Strength

Fisher Scientific’s size is also manifested in the number of its employees. The company has a national and global workforce that runs into tens of thousands. This is a testament to the expansive operations that cover research, technology, product development, sales, logistics, and more. Such a vast workforce is necessary to support the scale at which the company operates and continues to expand.

Fisher Scientific’s Revenue

Revenue is a clear-cut way to measure the size of a company, and Fisher Scientific Company is no exception. Consistently, Fisher Scientific has recorded billions in revenue. This substantial revenue puddle is a direct product of the company’s extensive reach, wide product catalogue, and reinforced customer base. It indicates the weight of Fisher Scientific’s role in global research and healthcare solutions, birthing more growth in its various markets.

Logistics Operations

The company’s downfall would be its inability to deliver its vast product offering to its numerous clients promptly. However, Fisher Scientific thrives thanks to a comprehensive logistics network. It has warehouses and distribution centres worldwide that make it possible to swiftly deliver products and provide a high level of customer service.


Through this prism, it is crystal clear that Fisher Scientific Company is a behemoth in the scientific research and healthcare sectors. Its sheer size and scope of operation – marked by vast global reach, diverse product portfolio, sizeable workforce, strong revenue, and robust logistics operations – indicate how large this company truly is. And with every new product, process improvement, and market penetration, Fisher Scientific continues to secure its position as a world leader.

Fisher Scientific is a large and established company with a significant presence in the scientific research and laboratory equipment industry. Their wide range of products, global distribution network, and commitment to innovation make them a key player in the field.

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