How big is Fisher Scientific?

Fisher Scientific is a renowned global supplier of scientific products and services, operating on a massive scale to cater to the needs of research institutions, laboratories, and healthcare facilities worldwide. With a vast reach spanning over 150 countries, Fisher Scientific provides an extensive range of high-quality scientific equipment, consumables, chemicals, and services to support various scientific disciplines.

As a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, one of the largest scientific companies in the world, Fisher Scientific leverages its significant resources and expertise to offer innovative solutions and support to the scientific community. With a broad network of distribution centers and a diverse portfolio of over 800,000 products, Fisher Scientific stands as a key player in the scientific supply industry, committed to empowering scientists and researchers with the tools they need to advance their work.

With roots that trace back over a century, Fisher Scientific is an undeniable giant in the world of scientific research supplies and services. But just how big is Fisher Scientific, exactly?

The Basics: Financial Size

If we measure Fisher Scientific’s size in financial terms, the company boasts a substantial revenue stream. As part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Fisher Scientific contributes to a total annual revenue of $32.22 billion in 2020, displaying notable growth from the preceding year.

This financial wellness is backed by a robust portfolio of products and services, which will be discussed further down this article.

The Foundation: Number of Employees

Another sizeable factor contributing to the company’s immense stature is its expansive workforce. Fisher Scientific employs approximately 75,000 individuals worldwide, making it not just a global presence, but also an employer of significance in many regions.

The Scope: Worldwide Presence

Present in over 150 countries, Fisher Scientific fulfills lab, safety, and production needs for a diverse range of research sectors globally. Its reach covers North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America.


In Americas, Fisher Scientific has a significant presence and strong growth tracks. With the United States being a major market, the company serves numerous research institutions, universities, and businesses, further bolstering its stand in the region.

Europe and Asia

Across Europe and in Asia, Fisher Scientific continues to expand its network. Its services and products cater to numerous scientific research needs, stretching from western Europe all the way to the Asian Pacific region.

The Range: Product and Service Offerings

Fisher Scientific’s product range is perhaps one of its most significant indicators of size. It offers over 1.5 million products and services, spanning categories such as lab equipment, chemicals, consumables, safety equipment, and more.

Lab Equipment and Consumables

Type of products span from basic lab supplies, laboratory equipment, to specialized instruments for complex analytical testing. This caters to a broad range of research and testing needs.

Chemicals and Reagents

Further showcasing its size, Fisher Scientific also offers a wide array of chemicals and reagents. These are crucial for various scientific processes, making Fisher Scientific a go-to provider for many research entities.

Safety Equipment

A significant part of Fisher Scientific’s proposition also includes safety equipment. It believes in the value of safety in research, making this another area where the company’s product offering is broad and diverse.

The Impact: Market Influence

Beyond physical and financial measurements, Fisher Scientific’s size is also depicted by its market influence. By providing essential supplies and services, it acts as a backbone to various research sectors, reflecting its vital role in the scientific community globally.

Conclusion: So, How Big is Fisher Scientific?

When asked, “How big is Fisher Scientific?” consider the financial figures, global workforce, vast product range, market influence, and international presence. Each aspect offers a glimpse into the magnitude of this company’s reach and relevance in the scientific research sector. It reiterates that Fisher Scientific is not just big—it’s enormous.

Fisher Scientific is a large and reputable company in the scientific industry, with a global presence and a wide range of products and services to support research and innovation.

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