How difficult is it to get a job at Thermo Fisher Scientific?

Getting a job at Thermo Fisher Scientific is known to be highly competitive due to the company’s reputation as a global leader in scientific research and innovation. With a strong focus on hiring top-tier talent, the recruitment process at Thermo Fisher Scientific is rigorous and thorough.

Candidates applying for positions at Thermo Fisher Scientific can expect to encounter multiple rounds of interviews, assessments, and screenings to ensure they meet the company’s high standards. The company values expertise, experience, and a commitment to excellence, making it challenging but rewarding for those who successfully secure a position within the organization.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a prestigious global corporation known for its commitment to making the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. The question often asked though is, “How hard is it to get a job at Thermo Fisher Scientific?“. This article provides insights into this question and essential facts about the company’s recruitment process.

Job Application Process at Thermo Fisher Scientific

The job application process at Thermo Fisher Scientific is thorough, fair, and challenges candidates to demonstrate their skills, ambition, and alignment with the company’s mission and values.

Resume and Cover Letter Screening

Initially, the candidate needs to submit their resume and tailored cover letter. Thermo Fisher Scientific uses an applicant tracking system to screen these submissions for specific keywords, experience, and qualifications related to the posted position. Therefore, a well-crafted resume and cover letter significantly increase the chances of landing an interview.

Interview Process

Qualified candidates are interviewed by a team of professionals at Thermo Fisher Scientific. The process often starts with a phone or video screening followed by several rounds of in-person interviews, depending on the role and level.

Qualifications Required for Jobs at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific seeks individuals who are passionate, driven, and dedicated to their work. The qualifications required to get a job in this company depend on the particular position one is applying for.

Educational Requirements

For most positions, a minimum of an undergraduate degree in a field related to the job is required. However, higher-level positions may require a Master’s or a PhD, especially in the research and development domain.

Work Experience

Experience in a related field is also crucial. This serves to demonstrate the candidate’s competence and knowledge in the respective area of operation, making them a valuable potential employee.

Company Culture and Values

Understanding the company culture and aligning with its values is a significant aspect of getting hired at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Company Culture

The company’s culture is supportive, collaborative, and focuses on continuous learning and development. Hence, it’s important for job applicants to demonstrate their ability to thrive and adapt in such an environment.

Company Values

Thermo Fisher Scientific values integrity, intensity, innovation, and involvement. Showcasing these qualities during the recruitment process can greatly enhance your chances of getting hired.

Tips for Getting a Job at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Applying to work at Thermo Fisher Scientific can be competitive considering the company’s reputation and the top-quality candidates it attracts. However, there are tips and strategies that could improve your chances of securing employment.

Master the Craft

Showcasing a solid understanding of your domain and its practical application not only demonstrates value but also sets you apart from other candidates.


Research about the company, its work, and how your role fits into their larger goals. Having clear, informative answers to questions related to this can be impressive to interviewers.

Show Passion

Display your passion for the role, the company, and its mission. Passion often translates into energy, commitment, and hard work – all desirable traits for any employee.

In summary, getting a job at Thermo Fisher Scientific can be challenging due to the firm’s high standards, rigorous application process, and the competitive nature of the candidates. However, with the right qualifications, skills, experience, and alignment with the company’s culture and values, the opportunity to join this world-leading organization is absolutely within reach.

Securing a job at Thermo Fisher Scientific can be challenging due to the competitive nature of the industry and the company’s high standards for hiring. However, with a strong skill set, relevant experience, and a diligent approach to the application process, individuals can increase their chances of success in obtaining a position at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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