Is Fisher Scientific a distributor?

Fisher Scientific is a renowned distributor of scientific products, serving the needs of laboratories, research institutions, healthcare facilities, and academic institutions worldwide. With a rich history spanning over a century, Fisher Scientific has established itself as a trusted partner in the scientific community, offering a wide range of high-quality products and services.

As a leading distributor, Fisher Scientific provides a comprehensive selection of laboratory equipment, chemicals, consumables, and other scientific supplies to support the diverse needs of professionals in various fields of science. Their global presence and commitment to excellence make them a reliable source for sourcing essential tools and materials for research, experimentation, and analysis.

Let’s dive right into the question at hand: Is Fisher Scientific a distributor? Fisher Scientific happens to be one of the foremost authorities in the industry. This enigmatic entity plays a multifaceted role in the scientific community. However, one of its key roles is indeed serving as a distributor for an array of laboratory supplies and scientific equipment.

Understanding Fisher Scientific

Before we delve deeper into their distribution role, it is critical to understand, what Fisher Scientific truly is. Fisher Scientific is a subsidiary of Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global leader in serving science. Fisher Scientific provides a comprehensive range of products and services to the scientific research and clinical laboratory markets. They offer their products and services to a range of customers, including pharmaceutical and biotech companies, universities, healthcare institutions, and clinical diagnostic labs.

Fisher’s Role as a Distributor

In its capacity as a distributor, Fisher Scientific connects numerous manufacturers to a vast customer base spread across varied industries. They distribute a vast range of products including pipettes, microscopes, reagents, safety equipment, and much more. Being a distributor allows Fisher to control and streamline the supply chain, making the scientific wares readily available to a wider audience.

Active in Multiple Industries

The distribution services of Fisher Scientific are not confined to one industry. They serve a host of sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Academia, Healthcare, and Industrial and Applied Science. This widespread involvement helps them serve a diverse client base seeking scientific technology and equipment.

Distributing Globally

Fisher Scientific doesn’t just serve local markets. They also function as a global distributor. Their global supplying network ensures that manufacturers’ scientific products reach the intended client base without geographical boundaries. A sound logistics network only adds to the potential of Fisher’s distribution effectiveness.

Fisher’s Partnerships and Quality Assurance

Part of Fisher’s strength as a distributor is their ability to foster deep partnerships with reliable manufacturers and suppliers. These companies produce high-quality scientific supplies adhering to the global quality standards. So, while functioning as a distributor, Fisher Scientific not only ensures the availability of products but also vouches for their quality.

Connecting Customers and Manufacturers

Fisher Scientific essentially acts as a bridge connecting manufacturers and the end-users. They play an instrumental role in making scientific products accessible to individuals, academics, and companies irrespective of their location. Through their efficient distribution network, they connect customers to the manufacturers, ensuring everybody gets what they require.


To sum this up, Fisher Scientific operates in multiple capacities within the scientific community. However, their role as a distributor is undeniably crucial. By connecting manufacturers to customers, ensuring product quality, and smoothing out the supply chain logistics, Fisher Scientific is a distributor playing a vital role in scientific discovery and progress.

Fisher Scientific is indeed a distributor that provides a wide range of scientific products and services to support the research and laboratory community. Their extensive inventory and strong distribution network make them a trusted partner for sourcing essential supplies in the scientific field.

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