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pythone programing language

If you want to become a web developer this article is only for you.

Every application or website running on a computer or mobile phone is built with some programming language. Nowadays you will find many programming languages like Python, JavaScript, C, C++, Java, etc. These programming languages are used to create websites or applications.  However, with the advancement of technology, the programming language sector has evolved. Which provides new features to computer users and Python is 3rd most popular programming language in the world. Now let’s discuss Python in details

WHAT IS PYTHON Programming Language?

Python is one of the high-level object oriented programming languages. It is used to build many things, including dynamic web applications. In 1991, Dutch scientist Van Rossam wrote this language. Python’s core syntax is very concise, but the language’s standard library is very rich. Python is a multi-paradigm programming language and fully functional programming language with automatic memory management like Perl, Ruby etc. Many features or new support come from other languages, everything is very easy to use in this language.

Many programs in the Linux operating system are written in Python. It is used to build Dropbox, BitTorrent, Blender, and Guitar. YouTube, Google App Engine, etc., are running on the power of Python’s WebKit. There is versatility in the information security industry is remarkable and commonly used for rapid software development. Major organizations that use Python include NASA and Google.


Python language is very easy to understand. The use of Python language is increasing day by day. You will find it in every list of the most in-demand programming languages in the world.

  • Python is used for developing websites and application
  • Also, utilize for various data analysis purposes.
  • Any type of block chain application, audio or video apps or any machine learning application can be developed using Python.
  • Develop a variety of finance related tools such as asset price trends, qualitative analysis and predictions.


As a programming language it has many advantages if you compare it with other programming languages. Python is considered to be the third most popular programming language in the world. And this is because of the convenience and simplicity of it.

  • It uses an English-like syntax that makes the code easy to read, write and learn.
  • Developers do not need to spend much time to understand the syntax and behavior of this programming language.
  • If any type of error, code execution is stopped and you are notified of the error.
  • Approved under an OSI open-source license. So, you can download JK’s source code for free and use and modify it as your own.
  • Python’s standard library is huge and so you can easily get many functions for your work.
  • This language can be used equally on different OS platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac etc. This means, if a Python program is created on a Mac computer, it can also be used on Linux or other OS platforms.


Nowadays, if you want to learn Python programming, you can definitely learn it and with that you can definitely make a good career.

Let’s talk about the benefits of learning Python.

  • The demand for Python developers in various fields is increasing day by day. So there is a good opportunity of success.
  • Many related job opportunities in various technologies and technology companies now and in the future as well.
  • Compared to other programming languages, Python is very simple and easy to learn very quickly.
  • There are many libraries and frameworks that you can use to create any kind of application.
  • With the increasing use of Python in machine language and artificial intelligence, learning Python has become very important. Because machine language and artificial intelligence will be used in almost every field in the future, it can be profitable to learn.


There are many courses available online these days, you can learn Python from them if you want. But I suggest you to take Python Curse Course 3rd Edition book. It has over 10.5 million sold programming books. This book shows all kinds of tips and ways to learn Python. It guides you to solve problems and developing all functioning applications in on time.

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